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Try a Sampler Platter or a Martini Combo! Enjoy a variety of Stuffed Olives, and many cocktail accessory items.

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Welcome to Olive Juice For Sale!

We have easily the World's Largest variety of Olive Juice for Dirty Martinis, Marinades and Cooking. We carry 4 brands, with one of them being our own, "Oliver's Twist."  Do you like Dirty Martinis? Tired of your olive jars running out of juice?    Yes, this is the site that was mentioned in the February issue of Playboy Magazine!!  Get all the olive juice you need for your martinis, right here! We also have some great martini recipes for you! You can even order olive juice for dirty martinis by email at or call us at 904-372-7037 for sales or customer service.

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